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About us

About Our Company

Since 1993, we’ve been providing strategic business solutions to our clients around the globe. Our groundbreaking executive team has over a hundred years of combined business experience, with extensive backgrounds in accounting, analytics, strategic marketing, and business sales. This business was founded on 5 core values: honesty, loyalty, value centricity, diligence, and respect. This has been our “secret sauce” since inception. We build lifelong relationships with the people we work with because they are more than our “clients”, they’re family.

If you need assistance in terms of business brokerage, investment-based migration, or growth strategies, we’re here to help. We have a team of professional advisors of various backgrounds and numerous specializations, providing assistance for personalized, practical, and cost-effective solutions. Discover opportunities and find success with tailored solutions from A N Global.

Our Mission

To provide the absolute best brokerage and consulting services on the market. We strive to find simple solutions to complex problems, and to take the guess work out of each transaction.

Our Vision

We will provide the most creative and valuable growth and transaction solutions for businesses around the world.


With support across the US and Australia, we are able to help clients buy or sell businesses in over 15 countries and offer more than 400 franchise opportunities.

By applying our pillars of global expansion through business immigration and strategies for growth and success, we become a one-stop-shop consultant for businesses everywhere.

Grow into a worldwide success story with A N Global. We help clients turn their businesses around and make them profitable. Expand, grow, and become a franchisor yourself when you trust your business with our consultants. We can also help sell your business when you’re ready and get you the maximum value, once you have.


We provide all this by conducting our Clients Needs Analysis: a deep-dive assessment and consultation that considers a variety of factors, including all of the following:

  • High-level business operations
  • Personal goals and strategy
  • Pain points and opportunities for growth
  • Business strategy and execution
  • Financial health
  • Exit and succession procedure
  • Employee satisfaction and areas for improvement
  • Systems and procedures
  • And more

We have an established system for business turnaround and even assist businesses with a valuation. If you’re ready to take your business worldwide, expand into a franchise, or sell to the best buyer, consult with our experts at A N Global today — reach out to us today.


Avinash Nichkawde

Avinash Nichkawde

President, Chairman

Avinash Nichkawde is an Entrepreneur, Chartered Accountant, and International Business Consultant. He started his tax practice in Sydney, Australia in 1993 and grew to 7,000 clients in four years, he later went into International Education Business and, at peak, managed over 200 employees on top of consulting numerous small to medium companies. He brings vast practical global experience to clients. Born and raised in India, Avinash is an Australian citizen, having lived there for over 20 years and now residing permanently in the USA, with travels to over 30 countries. He is known for providing highly cost-effective, out-of-the-box practical solutions for business turnaround and growth. Avinash is Advisor to Second Street Capital and iMedGo, Inc., California.


Lauren Jason

Director, Consulting Operations

Lauren attended the University of Texas at Austin where she earned her Bachelors in Business Administration and Masters in Professional Accounting. After attending the University of Texas, she went to work in Dallas for PricewaterhouseCoopers, one of the four largest accounting firms in the world. After several years, Lauren decided to purchase ownership in an established CPA firm in Texas and proceeded to open an additional CPA firm location within that organization just a short time later. In an effort to provide the highest quality of service to her clients, she obtained her CPA license, federal and state securities licenses, Life & Health Insurance license, and Property & Casualty Insurance license. Through these various service offerings, Lauren has helped many of her clients start, grow, and ultimately sell their businesses to achieve their professional and personal goals.


Rocko Bell

Director, Brokerage Operations

Rocko is the former head of the Contracts and Procurement Division for U.S. Army Central Command (ARCENT), where he directed the negotiation of over $150 million worth of contractual agreements from manufacturers including, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and General Dynamics. He is also a former intelligence chief, in charge of a company of intelligence analysts that synthesized data for over 3,500 people throughout the Middle East.

Rocko received a B.S. in Marketing, an MBA in Business Analytics, and advanced certifications in Contract Negotiations and Strategic Management from Georgetown University. He has years of experience in Marketing, Acquisitions, Project Management and Business Analytics. His principal belief is, “The only way for an organization to achieve sustainable growth in the 21 st Century, is to cultivate and empower its subordinate leaders.”


Akshay Nichkawde

Director of A N Global Australia

Akshay Nichkawde is the director of Phoenix Compliance Management and is a consultant for the Educational and Business Services sectors. Akshay provides strategic advice to small and medium-sized businesses and leads a successful team in providing professional services to clients which include:

– Management Review and Compliance;
– Creating of domestic and international colleges;
– ISO21001 Implementation for colleges;
– Audit Close-out and Rectification; and
– Business Development and Optimization.

Karan Mutneja

Karan Mutneja

Country Manager Dubai

Karan Mutneja is a managing partner at Perspective Tax, located in Dubai. He is a seasoned accounting professional with years of experience in, direct and indirect taxation, statutory compliance, and financial planning. He single-handedly managed the India-UAE Business Summit in 2018 held in Dubai, where more than 150 dignitaries and distinguished businessmen attended to discuss business operations.

Vijay Kumar B

Operations Head INDIA

Vijay Kumar is an electrical engineer and IT specialist. His background stems from working with leading software firms as an Information Technology manager for over 7 years where he’s led cross-functional teams to complete projects around the globe. He has also worked as a digital entrepreneur with high-profile clients across the U.S., India, and Europe to dominate the virtual space and optimize their communication processes. His extensive background and breadth of knowledge make him an expert authority on all things digital.


Eric Hardgrave


Eric is the co-founder of Acuity Ventures III, L.P., Acuity Ventures II, LLC, and Acuity Ventures, LLC, and he is in process of launching “Second Street Capital” — the majority of investments in the family of Acuity Funds focus on web-based software. He was also a co-founder of Sand Hill Capital, LLC, a venture fund that provided debt facilities to later-stage, emerging growth companies. He has over 25 years of experience in providing debt and related convertible debt financings to high-technology companies in Silicon Valley and across the country. He began his career in commercial banking with Union Bank and later moved on to progressively senior positions with Silicon Valley Bank and the venture capital division of General Bank. Eric received a BA in Economics from Stanford University. At Stanford, he played baseball and received All-American honors, and he went on to play professionally.

Dr Robert Quimby

International Consultant

Robert Quimby is an experienced International Business Executive and Consultant. His major experience and expertise specialties are in Leadership Development, International Licensing, Strategic Planning, HR, Business Development, and Marketing.

Robert’s core expertise covers strategic business leadership and planning, change management and business development in private and public sectors especially related to Business, Education, and Health, as well as a strong interest in leadership development, in the business, sport, and health technology sectors.

Robert is a former national Executive Director of Sports Medicine in Australia, and a former COO of a US-based Health/Technology company. He worked with several Fortune 500 companies in Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and the USA, providing business development on international activities. During 2011-2016 he worked with several Chinese Universities both in China and overseas, and he has taught and led courses in Executive Education at Australia’s leading university, Australian National University in Canberra and Overseas.

Tony Puls

Funding Australia

Tony is the Founder of the Australian Small Scale Offerings Board (ASSOB) Limited which has helped thousands of entrepreneurs. For his many years of work in crowdfunding, Tony has been awarded a life membership to the Crowdfunding Institute of Australia (CFIA).

Tony is an SME Funding Strategist. His particular expertise is in developing suitable and practical fund raising strategies for entrepreneurs. Tony is also a licensed real estate agent in Queensland’s Gold Coast, and a member of the REIQ, with a diploma of the AREI and is an accredited ResiShare agent.

Dr. Dion Klein

Strategy Australia

Dr. Dion Klein is an Educator, Instructional Writer, Facilitator, and Business and Crowdfunding Strategist at the Chair IT Forum, Gold Coast, Australia.

With over 30 years of international experience as an educator and entrepreneur, Dr. Klein has taught thousands of people in the areas of business, sports administration, fitness, and health. Using this experience, he writes training and assessment materials for Registered Training Organizations mainly in the areas of sport, fitness, recreation, and health qualifications. Additionally, he has assisted business owners, companies and not-for-profits in many ways, including developing their business via marketing and sales, analyzing market research, shifting mindset and culture, executing strategy, increasing productivity, securing fundraising, and increasing workplace well-being. His focus is educating individuals, not-for-profit organizations, and entrepreneurs on how to construct a successful campaign to attract funds. Peers consider him a connector, an innovator, and a strategist. Having owned companies in the areas of IT, business consulting, travel, sport, fitness, corporate health, and education, he offers a plethora of experiences to draw upon in order to drive solutions.

Sam Udani

Sam Udani has been involved with the immigration community in the USA for most of his career spanning three decades, involving immigration politics and immigration policy and covering all manner of immigration into the USA. He has been a tireless advocate for enlightened immigration laws for the USA since ACWIA, AC21/ACTA, and continuing from then on.

Mr. Udani currently serves as the Law Publisher and CEO of ILW.COM and Immigration Daily, a position he has held for over twenty years. As Publisher, he directs all activities of the website and newspaper with over 50,000+ pages of free information on immigration law that receives 250,000 visitors per month. Under Mr. Udani’s direction, ILW has conducted 600+ CLE seminars, published over two dozen immigration law books, and conducted hundreds of immigration events in over a dozen countries.

Mr. Udani also serves on the Board of Directors of USCRI, the largest and oldest non-profit in immigration in the United States. He is based in New York City.

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